This website follows the Young Explorers families from the Explorers Club on expeditions and adventures around the world and their quest to make this world a better place. 

From the top of the globe (North Pole), when they went on the youngest scientific expeditions with their friends Kinga and Ronin to collect microfiber samples in 2018, the oceans in Mexico and Taiwan where they learned to dive and to help sea turtles hatch and explorer reefs and marine life while swimming with the whale sharks, mobula rays, clownfish (Finding Nemo)  and the sea lions, to the depth of the Ecuadorian Amazon where they helped indigenous tribes with reforestation and GPS mapping of plant and wildlife habitats.

These experiences allow them the first-hand observations to share their concerns about the pollution state of our world with many school children, including their school, Dwight, PS157 in the South Bronx, other public schools in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut through Reach the World, the British schools through the UK Polar Explorers Programme, the Siberia arctic schools, and the Romani kids in Romania. Some of their expeditions and school presentations have been covered by digital and print media and on TV appearances in the U.S. and select European countries. 

As part of the Explorers Club's Young Explorers Program, Olivier, Maika and fellow young explorers meet monthly to better understand the wonders of the world through presentations and interactions with explorers and scientists. Since the program commenced 7 years ago, there have been 40 sessions and is now open to the public to welcome more kids into the circle of curiosity.  

August 2024: exploring  Kenya and Tanzania  (slums in Nairobi, elephants in Amboseli and climb Kilimanjaro with several Explorers Club families and Ronin, Kinga and Tati. Kilimanjaro Initiative has been extremely helpful with the organization and Tim will join us.  

April 2024: After we did some high altitude practice at Machu Pichu and Rainbow Mountain in preparation for Kilimanjaro we sailed on the Darwin 200 expedition from Lima to Guajaquil on a magnificent dutch 3 master.