Net_90°N Ω - Unique Polar Art

An important part of the Expedition will be to create unique art on the Pole influenced by the Pole and people living above the Arctic circle.

The art components are curated by our own Galya Morell who has been working on these issues in the Arctic for many years.

  • We will stage the first North Pole play performed by the four kids on the Pole; it will be simultaneously replicated in other parts of the Arctic in a dozen of Indigenous Arctic languages. The children of the Arctic have done well-wishing pictures and videos for the expedition.

  • Exhibits of children's art at the North Pole from UK, US and indigenous communities in Greenland and Siberia.

  • We will make our own art through the Net_90°N Ω and Articanos projects as well as other projects and performances in the snow and ice linking it to their science programme and the state of the Arctic.