Objective 1: Make scientific experiments documenting changes in the Arctic and share it with young audiences around the world

Young explorers/scientists scientifically observe global warming and its impact on the Arctic Ocean

  • Ice thickness, ice composition, snow accumulation and sea vs freshwater ice

  • Measure seawater, ice and air pollution

  • Gather & study samples that may contain thermophiles

  • Examine both ice / ocean interface and deep water

  • Understand the different poles (magnetic, geographic..),

  • How to navigate on ice with compasses, sextants and GPS, sundial

  • Documenting the drifting of the pack ice

  • Types of snowflakes and pollution of the flakes

  • Polar bears and effects of climate change on their lives

  • Search for fluorescent creatures

  • Receding glaciers in Svalbard

Objective 2: Anthropology of the Arctic and North Pole

  • Research the mythological/anthropological aspects of the North Pole at the source

  • Discover & document Inuit myths of the north

  • European Santa Claus myths often speak of the North Pole…

Objective 3: Art and art performances in the ice and on the pole

Under the leadership of Galya, the young explorers will create art, perform plays and exibit art from Inuit kids and other schools from around the world. It will include sculptures in and on the ice, frozen soap bubbles.

The explorers will also commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the 1968 Plaisted Polar Expedition