NORTH - Young Explorer

Drone and video footage from our expedition available on youtube

Young Explorers shared their experiences at PS 157 in the South Bronx and The Explorers Club. Presentations and supplementary  materials are available under the Education.

Broxnet reported Maika, Olivier and Zach's journey to the North Pole and the partnership among Reach the World, NY Public Schools, and the NORTH expedition.

Playground to Polar: Learn how the Young Explorers measure biodiversity in NYC and in the Arctic countries and tailor the biodiversity template for your own school. 

NORTH - the youngest scientific expedition to the North Pole, is a bold and transformative project. It aims at advancing young children's understanding of the arctic climate change while empowering them to drive changes by speaking to their peers around the world directly and by making educational materials and child-friendly communication tools available.

The project addresses a knowledge gap overlooked in the existing scientific curricula and education systems. Furthermore, there's a huge opportunity to prevent or avert human impact by growing a generation of children who are aware, believe and own the actions.