Outreach and Education Program

The P2P outreach is an critical element of the North Pole Expedition. Thanks to our partners to make the young citizens’ scientific experiments possible: Reach the World in the US, UK Polar Explorer Programme, NASA, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, and the Explorers Club

Presentation: PS157

Presentation: North Pole Trip Report and Flip Charts at the Young Explorers Program, The Explorers Club

Video: NORTH Team Getting to the North Pole

Video: Young Explorers Getting Ready for the Arctic Clowns performance

Preparation: Kinga Explained Arctic Outfits

Arctic Anthropology: Seeking Santa

Arctic Arts: Labyrinth

Arctic Arts: Arctic Clowns, Polar Art Exhibit, Net 90 Project

Arctic Life: Camping on Ice

Arctic Life: Transportation & Getting Around

Arctic Science: Boiling Water

Arctic Science: Augmented Reality of Narwhal

Arctic Science: Ocean Pollution, Microfibers

Arctic Science: Acidity in the Ocean (Sea Shells in Vinegar)

Arctic Science: Acidity in the Ocean (Like Your Ocean Still or Sparkling)

Arctic Science: Magic Swimmer

Arctic Science: CPOM Sea Ice & History along NORTH Route

Arctic Sports: Young Explorers Running the 2018 North Pole Marathon

Arctic Sports: Exploring the Ice Cave

Arctic Wildlife: Tracking the Reindeer

Arctic Wildlife: Tracking Polar Bears and Seals

Arctic Wildlife: Bird

Supplementary Tool: Travel Journal (Plan Your Own Adventure)

Supplementary Tool: Biodiversity (Playground to Polar)