East Africa and Kilimanjaro Expedition

The expedition is planned for August 2024. It will be composed of several Explorers Club families that have been on expeditions together before. The parents are members of the Explorers Club and the kids are achieved explorers in their own right with expeditions to the North Pole; Galapagos, Ethiopia, Cuba and the Amazon. They are young filmmakers and scuba divers and are curious and ready to challenge themselves as a team. We will have around 8 kids aged 11-17. 

The expedition will start in Nairobi mid August trying to better undertstand elephants and the social conditions in one of the largest slums in the world Kibara. We will then go to Ambroselli National Park to further study elephants. In the Masai Plains we will interact with youth from local tribes as well as international youth leaders from disadvantaged communities in the US, Tanzania and Kenya working with the Kilimanjaro Initiative (https://kiworld.org). From 19-26 August we will climb Kilimanjaro via the Ronghai route.  

Post climb we plan to visit local tribes lead by Justin Fornal or relax on Mafia Island and maybe look for the lost city of Rhapta