Children of the Arctic

Far, far away, in the midst of the crystalline snow and endless Taiga, among icebergs and snowy mountains live the children of the Arctic. They speak languages that are almost extinct. They dance dances that only few remember, and they sing songs which only elders can sing. These children have mastered the art of imitating voices of birds and animals. They know how to talk to the wind. They are proud Inuit, Yupik, Evenks, Evens, Yukaghirs, Dolgans, Nganasans, Nenets, Enets, Yakuts, Chukchi and many others... They are a part of Young Explorers NORTH Expedition to the North Pole.

"I am a 15 year old Evenk. I was born in the Arctic, and Arctic is my home. We, humans, share our land with animals. In the old days we could talk to them, and animals could talk to us. But then the world got broken. I would like to do anything I can to rebuild this connection”, - says Katrina Trofimova, a student of ARCTICA school for indigenous Arctic children in Yakutia, Siberia. 

Take a look at her Katrina’s works which will travel with us to the North Pole for our Arctic Arts Exhibition on the drifting ice of the Polar Ocean. 

“Expedition Young Explorers North”: “Arctic is my home, I was born here, but it is also our common home - for everyone who was born on the planet Earth.”

“Arctic Love”:

“What is my biggest wish for the Ronin, Kinga, Maika and Oli on the road to the North Pole? When you are tired, just climb our sacred reindeer, and he will carry you further on. And once the reindeer is tired the polar bear will come to help. And when the polar bear is tired, the winds and drifts will come to help to reach your destination! Just talk to them! Learn their Language! Everyone, absolutely everyone can fit in the horns of our Sacred Reindeer: young explorers, Arctic Clowns and everyone else who has a open and loving heart.”

“Arctic Dream”:

“Life is a circle, and we are all part of it! After you reach the North, come and visit us in Yakutia! You will see the beauty of our land and you will know why we love our home, the Arctic.”

Katrina and her friends from ARCTICA boarding school for indigenous Arctic children in Yakutia, Siberia, performed a traditional welcoming ceremony in four different languages to bless the Young Explorers North Expedition to the North Pole and make sure that  all bad spirits are gone from the road.”

Their sister school, Lycee Nacional in Republic of Buryatia, came up with a competing song. In the Arctic, people like song and dance competitions. They believe that this  makes the spirit of community stronger, which is increasingly important in the times of climate and societal change.